Some people still can not access OBB using non-standard means like incognito mode or  Linux, etc.

Reader Mike reported this, but did not give an email address for a reply.

Caged Lion set this site up. Bless him. I have been a passenger. I don’t know beans about certificates nor why they would prevent a Linux machine from accessing OBB.

You can access OBB with Chrome, Safari, Opera, Brave, etc. You can use your phone iPad and laptop.

There are no plans to make access by other methods possible.

PS I know that most servers run on Linux, so do high-performance machines. Android phones run a form of Linux. OBB can not support it.


OBB is still only getting 5% of the readers the old site reported. I never put much faith in the old number.

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June 3, 2024 7:21 am

fwiw, I have no problem with Safari in “private” aka incognito, mode.

a few weeks ago there was a certificate problem, but that’s resolved now.