Dusty Hill and That Little Ol’ Band from Texas play the blues – A Fool for Your Stockings

It always a thrill when a gal accidentally on purpose exposes her stocking tops in the car as either driver or passenger. Chances are it means she plans on getting laid.


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June 17, 2024 9:45 am

Who doesn’t love stocking tops especially in a Mini Cooper!! Is that causing distracted driving? Whew!

June 18, 2024 7:18 am

Your photos so often bring back memories for me.

Garters and stockings intrigued me but mostly through movies and cinema. But there was one time I found myself sitting on the floor with Laura, a friend of my sister’s and part of a crowd my mother disapproved of. Her stocking tops, garters and beige panties were apparent. Did she know? Did she care? Was it on purpose? Did I miss an opportunity?

Vicky didn’t wear stockings and garters but had quite the collection of short skirts and dresses and brightly colored nylon panties. I met her at a party a few blocks away. She was playing pool and providing the most extraordinary views of her long legs and full bottom covered by purple and pink polka dot panties. I watched as long as I could hoping each of her shots would be in front of where I was standing.

At one point, she left and came back having changed clothes – I learned she lived next door. Sadly she’d replace her mini dress with a low cut pantsuit – still very sexy but not the same. At some point I that night made her acquaintance but didn’t get her number or really expect to see her again.

Soon after, however, I was getting ready for basketball practice at my school. She showed up in an old pair of cutoff gym shorts that were threadbare enough so her pretty panties were clearly visible. We found a seldom used stairwell and made out like the teenagers we were until I heard the whistle to start practice.

Vicky and I dated. She was frisky and fun, but told me she was a virgin and wanted to keep it that way. That was fine, intercourse was a responsibility I didn’t want to risk. I should have inquired about spanking her. Looking back I’m guessing she might have liked it.

We never really broke up, but just went our separate ways. I bumped into her a month later and she told me she was dating a guy named Tom whom I knew and that he’d taken her virginity. I got the feeling she’d wished I hadn’t taken no for an answer so readily.