Looks like she was surprised by the paddle. The paddler seems pleased.

Anal Surprise

She was expecting one thing and was surprised when she got the other. Perhaps she should have paid more attention to what he was doing over her phone?

See both gals surprise on: https://ourbottomsburn.bdsmlr.com/. [mp4 files are not allowed here, so I put them on bdsmlr. They are the first two on the site today.]


Do women look better thrusting than men do? In ancient Greece, gender was not a factor. It was the thruster, usually an older male, who was deemed dominant.

Pegging clip on bdsmlr: https://ourbottomsburn.bdsmlr.com/post/691321746

For Openers

Winner of the most absurd costume in the pro-spanking category. Girl Guide with USAF insignia.

How to start a party

Girls Look OK With a Dick

American Males Have a Fascination With Japanese Girls Wearing a Sailorette Outfit. I have a Fascination With Her Bottom

Oh look George, Mummy’s canes have arrived by Royal Mail.

For the younger readers, this was a 50’s TV show Ricky spanking Lucy

Here She is Again. I Guess I Believe in Unicorns. Fantastic Bottom.

Sidney Sweeny

I posted a dozen or so photographs of Gals Flashing here.

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I never experienced a sandal. My mother rarely spanked and when she did it was with a belt or switch. I thought I was going to “get it” once when a friend’s Mom caught us smoking. She tuned him up. I listened and thought I would be next. Might not have been bad, she was a sexy-looking second wife.

Sandals are damn handy. Always at the ready, like carrying a weapon. A summer outfit of sundress and wooden souled sandals. She undoes your shorts with practiced efficiency, pulls your underwear down, bends you over a table, and gets busy on you. Your bottom and thighs are fair game.

Or it could happen like this. She puts you in statin panties and spanks you OTK. Trip over to OBB BDSMLR if you want the see that clip.

For Openers

Women don’t hold back one bit

This guy is older than me and gets work spanking young gals

Erotic Spanking is the Best

I Guess They Went Out to Pick Flowers

For Us Old Guys That Like Lingerie

You never know what you will find here. I sure don’t.

This is an article on spanking. Nothing special in it. The source surprised me.

Fox on Sex: Please, Ma’am, May I Have Another? Spanking 101

I have not had time to listen to any of these podcasts. Maybe they will interest you.

The Art of Erotic Spanking

You will need a bdsmlr account to see all of this.

Traditional Americana

I enjoy his podcasts. Some says he talks too much.

Never Too Old For Agoodspankin

A Switchy Couple

Hippo And Flamingo

A song banned in 1972

Don’t Hide Your Stiffy

Who’s Fucking

Girls Gone Wild. Warning girls giggling

Girls get out porn star’s big cock at party

Panties Headed South

Isn’t She Hot to Trot

Some Men Like Fetish Wear (me? Nah)

This would my fantasy spanker

Oow that stung, but she liked it

When red turns white

I was over 40 when I found out that whipping a pussy felt good. They missed a lot of topics in Sex Ed.

The Teacher None of Us Had

Always a sucker for a see-through blouse with a dark bra. After importuning, err begging, Bacall would wear them – sometimes.

I could not come up with a caption. You?

Spanking a wet bottom stings more. The best way is to get in the shower together. Aim the water on her bottom and paddle away fast and furious. She will not forget it.

It was not like this for me. He would excuse his secretary when he was going to paddle me. It was still embarrassing. She would wiggle her cute bottom out the door and then I would stretch out across his desk.

Being spanked by another woman or a couple is a hot scene for us. We have been fortunate to have had two women who enjoyed switching with us. Long weekends with three always hot bottoms. No need to stay dressed, just pad around in your panties. Everyone spanks everyone else. Fun, fun, fun.

We also played with two switchy couples. We tried with one couple several times, but it never worked. The talk was good, but the execution was poor. We did better with the other couple, but silly me took control and said how we would play. Twice! A mistake. I should have left it up to the girls.

There are very few pictures on the web showing a couple being spanked together. But, here are a few to show that I am not the only one with this interest.

I believe that is Kelly Payne giving a couple some needed attention.

I really like this picture

My Favorite

Would you like to be in their place?