Being spanked by another woman or a couple is a hot scene for us. We have been fortunate to have had two women who enjoyed switching with us. Long weekends with three always hot bottoms. No need to stay dressed, just pad around in your panties. Everyone spanks everyone else. Fun, fun, fun.

We also played with two switchy couples. We tried with one couple several times, but it never worked. The talk was good, but the execution was poor. We did better with the other couple, but silly me took control and said how we would play. Twice! A mistake. I should have left it up to the girls.

There are very few pictures on the web showing a couple being spanked together. But, here are a few to show that I am not the only one with this interest.

I believe that is Kelly Payne giving a couple some needed attention.

I really like this picture

My Favorite

Would you like to be in their place?