Seems male spanking fantasies have not changed since the days of Letters to Penthouse

How many Mothers or Mothers-In-Law have given a hairbrush to their daughter or daughter-in-law to help with the husband’s attitude and behavior? One? None? I don’t know, but maternal discipline has always been a popular male fantasy. If not spanked by his mother-in-law, then the next best is being spanked by his wife with her Mother’s hairbrush with her Mother watching.

Caught Masturbating and Spanked

I was caught looking at spanking magazines while sitting on the toilet playing with myself. My girlfriend, now my wife, caught me. I had to finish, and then go over her lap. Her hand hurt like hell and I was a total mess when she finished.   hmmm A GF that objected to my masturbating would be an ex GF

The Spanking Room

I saw this on Quora. I don’t believe it, but it would be a great school fundraiser. Alum could get the paddling they always wanted from that special teacher.

In 1981 I graduated from a HS  25 miles east of Nashville. The school had a room with windows to the hall so anyone entering the front door could see the His and Hers bend-over benches. There were at least 10 paddles of various sizes hanging on the wall.

This could be commercial hit. There could be spanking concerns in some of the unused space at malls. I could find out what the difference between His and Hers bend-over benches.

Mom oiled up her thighs and gave her son a good boy spanking with a happy ending

Are there women who even would think of that? I doubt it. I think such thoughts exist only male minds. Are there women who would do that when asked? Maybe so, as weekly women are arrested for sex with minors. But do they know a priori that teenage boys want to be spanked with their willy between their legs?

I never wanted that. As a teen I did not think about being spanked

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May 9, 2024 6:55 am

the his/hers paddles I believe, as we had them in the locker rooms at my middle school, a few years prior to that, and in the same general area.

we didn’t have bend-over benches tho.


May 9, 2024 9:24 am

Guess I’m an early acheiver? Mine date way before Penthouse Letters though they did involve a couple of Mom’s. The 1950’s-early 60’s variety… like Donna Reed or Mrs. Cleaver with a hairbrush? Good times.

May 9, 2024 11:43 am

“Mom oiled up her thighs” is one of the least appealing sentences I’ve ever read.

My fantasies as a kid often involved girls my age or a few years older spanking me. When I got older I started fantasizing about spanking them. Testosterone?

Caged Lion
May 9, 2024 1:49 pm

Over ten years ago, when my wife learned that I masturbated, she immediately made a rule forbidding it. She was serious. It wasn’t an excuse to spank me. She truly hates the idea of me getting myself off. The last time I masturbated was in 2013 when she told me to jerk off while she watched. She wanted to see how I did it. Since then, my only orgasms come from her.

May 10, 2024 1:32 pm

Just came across the new site. Glad to see you back at it!