Jennifer Love Hewitt would brighten up my mornings

Never played this kind of poker

Showtime in front of the mirror I can watch you watching me, with a smile on your face and a bulge in your pants.

Will you look at how off level the hot water tank is

Out For a Walk

A reader comment got me thinking about paddlings that we thought were fun, but some could see them as Schadenfreude – one of those $50 dollar words.

schadenfreude /shäd′n-froi″də/
  1. Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.
  2. Malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else’s misfortune.
  3. Delight in another person’s misfortune.

As with most things of this period, it started with my self-declared nieces. There were four of them. In simple terms, they were there to be paddled. I was appointed as the non-nonsense Uncle to lay the paddle on them.

At their whim, additional nieces could be added. Bacall was a special case, she could be a niece or their Aunt depending on the phase of the moon. She could be masterfully, but never successfully, defend herself or she could turn a nieces bottom red.

It started months before. One niece would start a story and sent along to another niece who extended the story, perhaps in a different direction. Before it was through every female in the county was accused of misdeeds.

As  those charged with a crime would be paddled, they would throw others under the bus.

If only we had recorded the dialog. It was a hoot. No one laughed longer or louder then me. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Here are some examples of schadenfreude. Just imagine a few more gals watching and grinning,

Tell me the times ain’t changing

Bacall told me this long ago

I had heard of a Queening chair, but I did not know their use. They will be in every home soon as muff diving is getting so popular.

A reader favored us with this toon

A reader wrote that they use their laundry room to get some privacy from their kids. A day after that I started seeing laundry room pictures.

So far only 5% of the readers have found the new site. I’m thinking most of missing 95% were lurkers, so the loss is not as great as the stats indicate.


Posting bits of this and that today that interest me. I hope you find some pleasure in them..

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For Openers

AI at Burning Man

These AI images are getting real. The caption for this one was Are you actually going to spank us on our bare bottoms… again? Do you promise?!  Do you have a thing for gals in short pleated skirts?

This has been going on at Burning Man since the first one in the desert in 1991. 

Proof the Earth is Not Flat

Thigh Fry – Now that her thighs are stingy the spanking can start.

Party Time

My First Dick

Ideal Outfit for Housework

Hey Sweetie, I will just slip in here. No wonder women think men are weird.







Seems male spanking fantasies have not changed since the days of Letters to Penthouse

How many Mothers or Mothers-In-Law have given a hairbrush to their daughter or daughter-in-law to help with the husband’s attitude and behavior? One? None? I don’t know, but maternal discipline has always been a popular male fantasy. If not spanked by his mother-in-law, then the next best is being spanked by his wife with her Mother’s hairbrush with her Mother watching.

Caught Masturbating and Spanked

I was caught looking at spanking magazines while sitting on the toilet playing with myself. My girlfriend, now my wife, caught me. I had to finish, and then go over her lap. Her hand hurt like hell and I was a total mess when she finished.   hmmm A GF that objected to my masturbating would be an ex GF

The Spanking Room

I saw this on Quora. I don’t believe it, but it would be a great school fundraiser. Alum could get the paddling they always wanted from that special teacher.

In 1981 I graduated from a HS  25 miles east of Nashville. The school had a room with windows to the hall so anyone entering the front door could see the His and Hers bend-over benches. There were at least 10 paddles of various sizes hanging on the wall.

This could be commercial hit. There could be spanking concerns in some of the unused space at malls. I could find out what the difference between His and Hers bend-over benches.

Mom oiled up her thighs and gave her son a good boy spanking with a happy ending

Are there women who even would think of that? I doubt it. I think such thoughts exist only male minds. Are there women who would do that when asked? Maybe so, as weekly women are arrested for sex with minors. But do they know a priori that teenage boys want to be spanked with their willy between their legs?

I never wanted that. As a teen I did not think about being spanked

We watched a marvelous three-part doc on Octopus. It said they needed to touch one another to tell the other’s intent. Like to find out if the other wants to screw you or eat you.

I told Bacall that humans do not have that ability at all. We are easily deceived. Touched or not. I decided I should make sure this was the case by starting to feel strange women’s ass. (OK, OK, women are strange anyway)

Bacall said go ahead. I will let you know if I can tell what they are thinking by groping them.

Groping Candidate

For Openers

A lot of men would like to be spanked by the girl next door

I have never understood this. Don’t understand superposition either.

The Thong Bikini is just like politics. It separates the left from the right, protects the center, changes everyone’s “point of view” and forces all the people to look in the same direction with the same goal.

Not everyone is shy about being spanked in public. This is the annual Folsom Street Fair. Same thing at Burning Man.

This not factually true, but makes a good story.


Bless the women for taking the time to find ones with a good fit

And you get the jeans down and see this

The obligatory schoolgirl

These AI generated pictures are getting good. Love the way those shorts fit separating the cheeks.

Holy Moly

Barbed wire is little weird folks