For Openers

And points all her own sitting way up high. Way up firm and high

History of Night Moves


Her lap looks so attractive, but I don’t go there. Like Peters Sellers in Being There, I like to watch.

I was never spanked with a sandal. I though I was going to be once. Damn handy implement.

Once up on time, yeah I would

How about a spanker in polka dot panties? Any takers?

The pursuit of happiness. One of the unalienable rights

Here’s your sign. It might hurt some, always pleasure for me

Looks like a home spanking. She has something in her hand. A paddle?

She looks a bit scary to me

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Dan Quale
Dan Quale
June 14, 2024 6:08 pm

#1 That is a great classic Bob Seger tune. I think the Album would of gone 10 platinum with that picture as the Album cover.
#2 Yes please that is a very inviting lap.
#3 very interesting scene, she must have a a strong lap to balance him up there like that.
#4 I don’t wear women’s panties but I like the fit of hers.
#5 Never a fan of granny panties but for her exceptions could be made.
#6 Could not agree more that truly is what happiness is.
#7 Well hoping it hurts so good more than just a little otk.
#8 Man she is determined to deliver a sound spanking. She is doing a great job Lucky Bastardo.
#9 I disagree, I think that is a look of determination to deliver a sound otk spanking

June 15, 2024 1:49 pm

I recently had a whip used on me; I may be scarred for life.

thanks for fixing the Safari certificate issue.