For Openers

And points all her own sitting way up high. Way up firm and high

History of Night Moves


Her lap looks so attractive, but I don’t go there. Like Peters Sellers in Being There, I like to watch.

I was never spanked with a sandal. I though I was going to be once. Damn handy implement.

Once up on time, yeah I would

How about a spanker in polka dot panties? Any takers?

The pursuit of happiness. One of the unalienable rights

Here’s your sign. It might hurt some, always pleasure for me

Looks like a home spanking. She has something in her hand. A paddle?

She looks a bit scary to me

For Openers

How do you like my little dance with each cane stroke?

Kelly Payne – An accomplished spanker


Wood sandals are handy for a spur of the moment spanking

Red head with a belt

No, no, no. No elimination for me. A spanking gives me a boner. I want to keep it.

Up the stairs

Only Known Image of a British Paddling