Just one picture today. She was taken for a ride in an ATV to a private area where she was well-paddled. I will guess she has taken this ride before and looks forward to it.

That’s a mean thuddy paddle.

I hope you have a good day.


She Is Ready For The Next Round

The Wood Turning the Bottom White Hot

When The Red Circles Appear You Know You Have Done Good Work

An Old One That Never Gets Old To Me

A Short Story – I was in 4th grade. I walked to my classroom and in the sixth grade room a girl was paddling herself in front of the class with a paddle that looked like this. The teacher was encouraging her to do a good job or she would have to help her. I was memorized. I don’t recall what the girl was wearing.

I think 27% of sex and 35% of spankings happen in motel rooms

Is the Jokari Paddle for You or Her? Maybe Both. It Makes my Bottom Tingle

I Have Posted This One Before. The Windup Makes It Special

For Openers

I am getting notifications for some, but not all comments. So if I do not reply, you know why.

Grumble, there are 4 gifs in this post. Only the last one has motion.

Such a good girl, handing the paddle to him

Oh my, what is she doing with her hand?

An example of why I do not do OTK

Proving my point

Finally, a man with a paddle

Stand up and bend over

She should be paddled for wearing those pants

Love it