Foreword – I have ADD and that means all my memories are incomplete. ADD folks don’t record everything, just flashes of events. If you fan a deck of cards you will get a glimpse of some of the cards. You might see a black King but can not tell if it is a spade or club. Many of the cards will not be recognized. That’s the way ADD types store memories.

Why Do You Spank? It could be like Hank William’s song Family Traditions.

I have mentioned several times here that I spanked all/most [choose one, I don’t recall] of my dates in HS. I did not have a clue about spanking. They got sassy, challenged me and I spanked them. It just seemed the natural thing to do. They considered it fun. I never thought beforehand about spanking them. I had no sexual fantasies about spanking.

It became sexual after the spanking. Her dress/skirt up, her bottom on view, what was a teenage boy supposed to d0. Would she have allowed me to reveal her charms making out on the first date. Probably not. But, it was somehow OK because it was required for a spanking.

So there she was, exposed, submissive and receptive to fondling.

Were any of them accustomed to being spanked? I don’t ever recall asking. But, they were not strangers to the practice.

Were teenage girls universally sassy with their dates? You tell me.  Did they push their boyfriends to see his reaction? Were they secretly happy by how hard he got?

Due to ADD I can not relate with any specificity how the spankings played out. How many spanks? Not many, probably ten or so with my hand. There might be a second round if she continued with her sass. It usually did on the next date.

I was 19 when a switch flipped and I consciously plotted to spank and wanted to be spanked.

While the motivation for spanking during HS was quasi punishment, as a young adult it was for pleasure. Initially mine and gradually hers as I learned women could get just arroused as I did from a spanking.

Every reader here probably a slightly different reason for their passion for spanking. I wonder how much our reason was influenced by fictional spanking stories and some absurd video plots.

For me, when the gal is giving me sass while I am spanking her, it takes me back to HS days.


What Got You Started Spanking?

Not related to this post, except for memories. It’s before my time, but I have always liked it.

Bob Hope and Rosemary Clooney doing Hope’s theme song, Thanks for the Memories


For Openers

I did not spank a single one of these women. Damnit.

I have probably posted the next four before. I call them spanked happy.

Most of the following images are of the girl next door

For Openers

Would you be willing to make some encouraging comments?

You may think the photo below is not very exciting. But, I sure do. You may like big-breasted gals. I go for the petite to moderate size. You may think she would be more appealing with wider hips and more booty. She is just fine with my way of thinking.

I would be damned pleased to see this when I go into the kitchen,

The photos are screenshots of a protected video made by RealSpankingsNetwork. It opens with her bent over in the kitchen. She is in that position for 30 seconds before the male spanker comes in. [The kitchen was never a favored place for me to spank. I gave Bacall pops with a wooden spaghetti stirrer until she “lost” it.]

This leggy lass gets 90 seconds of his hand, a break and another round of of his hand.

I don’t know the name of the video or the model

Another leggy lass get the cane

Would you be willing to make some encouraging comments?

#1 The Bride

#2. When the spanking feels so good you fall asleep before you even bother to pull your shorts up!


#4 When I spank I am grinning. I like the spankee to be grinning also.



#7. Sometimes they do more than grin

#8 – #12 Mom is pissed and you are peaking at your sister

Several months ago I  offered several of our paddles and straps for the cost of shipping. Six folks took advantage of the offer. I asked one of them to tell me how the paddles were working out for them.  They are a switch couple like us.
These are the paddles they got.
First, the 9mm round Birch paddle. (9m is ~ 3/4″) It’s the one on the left. It’s on the heavy side. (The other paddles should be ignored for this post)
The other paddle is southern pine and really stings. It’s shown on the right. We called it the Teacher’s paddle.  (The other paddle should be ignored for this post)
In an email several months ago, he remarked

We do switch. There’s some ebb and flow to it. My wife liked being spanked but was opposed to spanking until I helped her to see them as “spicy massages.”

When I spank her there’s a strong sexy dominance element but I also have shown her how much I like creating color and seeing her body move, which are things she can appreciate from the giving end.

Continuing to rack up experiences with that round paddle. Last night she gave me about 200 medium-strength swats. Feeling it nicely today. The first 70-80 or so are hard to stay still for, but then we settle in and being a guy I’m determined to take whatever she wants to give because I’m just glad she’s into it!

I gave her an incredible belting two nights ago in bed. I keep her close so I can rub between each one. She really likes it and it means I get to spank more before the limit’s hit. Fun for everyone. We’re getting a bit careless with the sounds at night. No one’s scarred, we hope.

This is what they wrote last week

We’ve done a number of spankings with the pine and the round birch paddles. The pine is a lighter paddle with a fantastic sting. Its length lets one cheek be emphasized or both evenly. We typically spank each other bent over our washing machine since it’s the most private area of the house.Our reactions to being spanked with the pine aren’t the same. I like the way the sting makes me quiver. My wife says, “I like the way it makes your upper leg muscles move.” It’s fun but I don’t ramp up much beyond that. The weight of the pine is a good fit for my wife’s strength.

She likes the feel of the wood and the weight of the pine once she’s warmed up, but the sting is hard for her if I don’t do the first few right, and that’s after 100 or so hand spanks to warm up.

We’ve tried a couple of short, intense paddlings of her and while it’s really fun to watch her instantly squirm while bent over, she’s done after 15 seconds. The pine paddle is making me a more patient spanker!

The heavier weight and roundness of the birch mean we are spanked with it quite differently. When she’s getting the birch, it’s because I want to give a quiet spanking. I swing it into her slowly to keep the noise down. The fun for her comes from the momentum and not at all the sting.  But it’s still not her favorite. (We have a handled cutting board that is the best at quiet, slow paddling.)

When I’m getting the birch, it’s an intense, deep-hitting spanking. She paddles me almost as fast as with the pine, with the same moderate strength, and with the birch, that means the first several dozen are stingy and intense, and everything after that builds up a heat and sensitivity that encompasses my entire butt and makes me feel highly thankful for her skill and attention!

After spanking, we will chat about how it went. Since we’re in the laundry room, sometimes I push her down onto a pile of clothes and do stuff. If I spanked her long enough, she’s usually ready to go right over the washing machine. Other times we go to bed and do stuff. Falling asleep next to each other with a couple of hot bottoms is the best ending to a day.