So far only 5% of the readers have found the new site. I’m thinking most of missing 95% were lurkers, so the loss is not as great as the stats indicate.


Posting bits of this and that today that interest me. I hope you find some pleasure in them..

There is a Like button, there should also be a Suxs button. Of course, you are welcome to make a comment on the advisability of such posts.

For Openers

AI at Burning Man

These AI images are getting real. The caption for this one was Are you actually going to spank us on our bare bottoms… again? Do you promise?!  Do you have a thing for gals in short pleated skirts?

This has been going on at Burning Man since the first one in the desert in 1991. 

Proof the Earth is Not Flat

Thigh Fry – Now that her thighs are stingy the spanking can start.

Party Time

My First Dick

Ideal Outfit for Housework

Hey Sweetie, I will just slip in here. No wonder women think men are weird.







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May 17, 2024 12:02 pm

I’ve always liked pleated skirts, and they don’t have to be micro in length. Somewhere nicely above the knee works, so there’s enough to flip up for a good spank! Burning Man… never attended but wouldn’t mind a day-pass. Not sure I’d want to spend the week.

I’m quite sure I would have been a MUCH better geography student had the maps in school been depicted such as this. Assuming of course, I’d had a female geography teacher rather than the dude’s who always seemed to teach that subject.

May 17, 2024 2:00 pm

AI certainly has its uses, but whether I wish to be stimulated by a bunch of pixels created by a 17 year old, with a personal freshness problem, and excessive masturbatory habits, is another matter. It is possibly why I prefer images of more mature women. Besides the best women are like the best wines – they mature to perfection.

May 17, 2024 2:03 pm

Where is the like button. I think I am being a bit thick here, but I can’t find it


May 17, 2024 2:09 pm

I completely agree, nicely above the knee is perfect. Love the burning man pic.. heart shaped hollow paddle, but looks like a wrap. owwch.
I have a question about AI; Soo how do you know what is and isn’t? Inquiring minds want to know. 😉

Dan Quale
Dan Quale
May 17, 2024 5:08 pm

So I like the Burning Man. I agree it does look like the paddle needed to strike more on the butt and less on the side.
#8 So that is what a woman with a strap-on looks like. I hate to be Naive but I never have seen one. I wonder how many guys who switch and enjoy a nice little spanking really do like that as well. I mean I guess they are both anal/butt centered. LOL but I do not know, plus she is very attractive and looks like she would be fun in a (Spanking)switching session she has a nice lap to go over and seems like she has some muscle in her arms and can imagine her butt is more than spankable. a but for me only to a certain degree.I am not sure how many men truly are interested in a woman with a latex dick….But then again to Quote Jerry Seinfeld “Not that there is anything wrong with that”
So is that what a woman means when she says all 4 holes open???

Dan Quale
Dan Quale
May 17, 2024 8:03 pm
Reply to  Bogey

Well, I think you are correct it is interesting. I do not know if they are connected as well. Since your post curiosity got me and I did a Google search all I can say is DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!! your right most women did seem to be happy wearing them a few looked downright mean and cranky. The men the jury seems to still be out on. I do not see the connection or lure to pegging and spanking, but to each their own I guess