Before I begin this rant, you should know I have accumulated 173 pictures of schoolgirls.

For every girl that was paddled at school, there have been 3,602,433 pictures taken depicting a schoolgirl being paddled. The pictures don’t reflect reality. They were not paddled on the bare bottom and they did not have their tops removed. A rare event turned into porn.

The number one absurd reason for being paddled in the videos is being late for cheerleader practice.

Implausible: Boobs exposed for a paddling in the school office.

Overdone: Schoolgirl outfits

A lot of women have a short pleated skirt in their closet. They wear them to Halloween parties. They never wore them to school. I don’t get the near universal appeal. 

One woman wrote me: The urge to wear one, I think it’s much greater in those of us into spankings mainly because a skirt and white panties have been ingrained in us as the ‘spanking outfit’ forever. It has become the de facto ‘schoolgirl’ look, and skirts and panties also make it very easy to bare our bottoms, and we usually look rather delightful bent over a desk and bare. Beth

I been talking with a chap across the pond who knows both spanking party organizers and the women who hire out for them. These parties are different from any I have been to. The men pay a fee and get to express their desires of what kind of gals they expect at the party. The organizers are continually overwhelmed with requests for schoolgirls. The models are beyond tired of all that.

At our parties, there were no fees. The gals wore what they pleased. One time they coordinated and wore schoolgirl outfits. Another time it was black lingerie with garterbelt and stockings.

By mentioning black lingerie above, it allows me to insert four examples.

AI gives us more schoolgirls

As she departed from Miss Hart’s study, carrying her skirt and feeling wave after wave of heat pulsing through her smarting bottom, Melissa realized that referring to the P.E. Mistress as a “grumpy old trout” had been a grievous error of judgment!

And while I am on a rant, enough with spankings in the kitchen and bathroom. There are other more appropriate rooms.

A bit of humor from my UK correspondent: Long ago I knew a chap who took delight in telling everyone that his very attractive wife put on a school uniform, which lead to some gentle spanking as a prelude to sex. I always wondered why she never looked embarrassed by the revelation. Clarity dawned when the local press carried a story that this same lady had regular trysts on company premises with several directors of her employer. It involved school uniform, spanking, and the inevitable ‘intimacy’. Was it revenge for his lack of discretion? We never knew. 

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June 26, 2024 8:45 am

There’s little right or wrong in how we intertwine reality and fantasy to suit or needs (among consenting adults).

Personally, I am turned on by attractive but not risqué clothing. One of my favorite fantasies involves girls I knew who wore a certain school uniform. To make that fantasy work in my mind, I go over the behavior and conversation again and again that “plausibly” might have led to spanking and other activities.

i don’t think “schoolgirls” are overdone, but there are many themes I don’t appreciate or am tired of. I quickly scroll to the next thing.

June 26, 2024 8:50 am

Oh I love a good Bogey Rant!

I am in total agreement with Beth, I do think its a defacto standard for many spankos because they do look delightful bent over a desk..chair.. or whatever piece of furniture is appropriate.
For information purposes only, in the UK, school girl uniforms are still worn at many schools today.
Regarding the state of dress for a school paddling, yes I agree totally, its never bare(the Lawyers would have a field day!) But, Realspankings does do a great job of recreating authentic school paddling scenes with clothing one would normally see in a US school today in place. Of course we all love the reveal afterward.

June 26, 2024 9:46 am

I never saw a girl paddled in school, and I never heard of a girl getting paddled at any of my schools. Mysty told me she got a single swat in the first grade when she nervously giggled at a boy getting paddled by their teacher, but that’s it.

I’ve more than made up for this deficiency since the invention of the internet. Thank you, Albert Arnold Gore, Jr!

Dan Quale
Dan Quale
June 26, 2024 6:26 pm
Reply to  welovemysty

I made a bet in 7th grade with a girl I had a crush on during science class.(she was a little crushing too) We were of course egged on a little by our table mates. Anyway, the basic parameters were that the loser had to get paddled by her math teacher (a woman known to swing a mean paddle made from a cut-off goalie stick. Long story short after a series of double or nothings it was determined that we both lost and hence had to submit to said paddling. We agreed to meet in the teacher’s room after school as she had her for her last class. I made it to the teacher’s room after school. As I was walking in She was walking out. I asked her if she had taken her paddling (big mistake) she said yes and left. I walked in and asked for the paddling I was dude. The teacher gladly accepted my request and gave me 5 increasingly harder swats. As I was leaving the teacher asked me what caused me to make my request as I did not have her as a teacher. I told her the story of the bet and the mutual agreement. Well 2 days later in Science class as I was sitting at the table a number of kids came in and gave me a high five when I asked what was up they stated Jill would tell me. Shortly in walked Jill and she was steamed, apparently she had lied and when I confessed to the teacher the teacher was upset to have been put in the middle and the fact that Jill had lied and allowed me to take the swats. So the next day at the end of class she called Jill up to the front of class reviewed the bet and the agreement and informed her I had taken my paddling and now was her turn. She proceeded to lay into her 5 very hard very firm swats Jill was not happy about it, Needless to say, it took a few more weeks before I was able to convince Jill to go to the movies with me…Was the start of a nice Jr High/High school relationship that would grow to include mutual spankings

June 26, 2024 7:09 pm
Reply to  Dan Quale

That is one great story. I will not distract from it by commenting on it.

Did the relationship continue after HS?

Dan Quale
Dan Quale
June 26, 2024 9:40 pm
Reply to  Bogey

Yes while we were in community college. Went to separate universities and we both found new spanking friends

Lee Roberts
Lee Roberts
June 27, 2024 12:41 pm
Reply to  welovemysty

I believe it is more of a tradition in southern states, it was not allowed in Chicago schools. The usual method was for there to be a note from the teacher which resulted is a spanking at home depending on the offence. The parents made the decision not a school official.

June 27, 2024 12:51 pm

A common theme in sexual roleplay and spanking is uniforms. Nurse, french maid, sportswomen, secretary, etc, and the inevitable schoolgirl. All these uniform roleplays employ more or less adult uniforms, the exception being schoolgirl. The spanking parties here in the UK usually have a theme, centred around the ladies dressing up in some form of uniform. Sometimes there is a storyline to go with it. But party organisers bemoan the fact that if left to the gentlemen attending, the theme would be schoolgirl for every party. As you have pointed out, school uniform is a staple choice of erotic uniform in many a woman’s wardrobe, even those who are otherwise quite vanilla in their tastes. Do we just accept that in most males there is an inbuilt but subliminal taste for young girls? This is not to suggest that all men are paedophiles, only that there is an innate inclination, normally suppressed by emotional maturity and self discipline. Do men only allow this ‘beast’ a little freedom in controlled circumstances, such as the spanking party or the bedroom at home? Some years ago I attended a spanking party in London where proceedings commenced with a very young stripper dancing, while removing a school uniform one piece at a time. The atmosphere was electric, and slightly disturbing. Is this the same basic attraction of the book and films about Lollita?