For Openers

I was chatting with a UK reader. He mentioned that men there wanted more schoolgirl theme parties, but the pro gals were getting beyond tired of it.

The men seem to be keen on schoolgirl scenarios, the women who provide the service almost universally dislike it more and more over time. The main party organisers in the UK tend to have two or three school themed events a year, the women want less the men want more. 

I decided to post some schoolgirl pictures that are not like the usual you see on the web. Some pictures you have never seen before.



A friend

A former blogger

I like this one because of the smile of the on looker

Must be art class

I never get tired of peeking at white panties

The Double Mint Twins?

I took the picture of the barn. A friend photoshopped the girl on it. Yeah, we spent a day shooting old barns in Washington.

Notice she is cuffed

Showing Off