I thought yesterday’s post was one of the best picture posts on OBB. It got some comments, but you guys need to up the ante to keep me inspired. Maybe you want to take another at yesterday’s post?

Sadly, guys seems to be the correct word. I am not aware of any female commenters in the last few months.

A while back a reader crawled me because Bogey and Bacall were liberals. And so they were – like most in Hollywood. I pay no attention to actors’ private lives unless they rub it in my face like Rob Reiner.

Here is a good bio on Bacall


Dusty Hill and That Little Ol’ Band from Texas play the blues – A Fool for Your Stockings

It always a thrill when a gal accidentally on purpose exposes her stocking tops in the car as either driver or passenger. Chances are it means she plans on getting laid.


For Openers

Would you be willing to make some encouraging comments?

You may think the photo below is not very exciting. But, I sure do. You may like big-breasted gals. I go for the petite to moderate size. You may think she would be more appealing with wider hips and more booty. She is just fine with my way of thinking.

I would be damned pleased to see this when I go into the kitchen,

The photos are screenshots of a protected video made by RealSpankingsNetwork. It opens with her bent over in the kitchen. She is in that position for 30 seconds before the male spanker comes in. [The kitchen was never a favored place for me to spank. I gave Bacall pops with a wooden spaghetti stirrer until she “lost” it.]

This leggy lass gets 90 seconds of his hand, a break and another round of of his hand.

I don’t know the name of the video or the model

Another leggy lass get the cane

Would you be willing to make some encouraging comments?

For Openers

And points all her own sitting way up high. Way up firm and high

History of Night Moves


Her lap looks so attractive, but I don’t go there. Like Peters Sellers in Being There, I like to watch.

I was never spanked with a sandal. I though I was going to be once. Damn handy implement.

Once up on time, yeah I would

How about a spanker in polka dot panties? Any takers?

The pursuit of happiness. One of the unalienable rights

Here’s your sign. It might hurt some, always pleasure for me

Looks like a home spanking. She has something in her hand. A paddle?

She looks a bit scary to me


Jennifer Love Hewitt would brighten up my mornings

Never played this kind of poker

Showtime in front of the mirror I can watch you watching me, with a smile on your face and a bulge in your pants.

Will you look at how off level the hot water tank is

Out For a Walk

A reader comment got me thinking about paddlings that we thought were fun, but some could see them as Schadenfreude – one of those $50 dollar words.

schadenfreude /shäd′n-froi″də/
  1. Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.
  2. Malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else’s misfortune.
  3. Delight in another person’s misfortune.

As with most things of this period, it started with my self-declared nieces. There were four of them. In simple terms, they were there to be paddled. I was appointed as the non-nonsense Uncle to lay the paddle on them.

At their whim, additional nieces could be added. Bacall was a special case, she could be a niece or their Aunt depending on the phase of the moon. She could be masterfully, but never successfully, defend herself or she could turn a nieces bottom red.

It started months before. One niece would start a story and sent along to another niece who extended the story, perhaps in a different direction. Before it was through every female in the county was accused of misdeeds.

As  those charged with a crime would be paddled, they would throw others under the bus.

If only we had recorded the dialog. It was a hoot. No one laughed longer or louder then me. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Here are some examples of schadenfreude. Just imagine a few more gals watching and grinning,

Have you or Bacall ever sat down and discussed what it is you like? I’ve read over the “How each of  us likes to be paddled” several times and I felt like this was very well thought out. But I wondered how specific your communications were.

We got to our places with many conversations over many years.

 Although I  am very well matched with a spanko wife who is the love of my life, I am not a great communicator when it comes to specifics. ( can you imagine that!!)  It seems a bit odd to me that after 30+ years in the scene, I’ve never actually clarified it.

Some folks get off on dirty talk. I have never been altogether sure of what that means. If it includes saying what you are going to do to the other, we do that. I have done that to probably every gal I have spanked. Occasionally, their eyes will get wide and I can tell she is realizing that I am going to do that which she has silently wanted to happen to her for decades. That’s communication.  Grin

I do it with Bacall. For instance, she is a bedroom bondage fan. I don’t go there more than once a month to keep it fresh. I like to surprise her. When she is bound, I tell her I can do anything I want to her and she will have to take it. The “you have to take it” elicits a swoon.  That’s communication. We know each others hot buttons and like to jump on them. I am gleefully sadistic.
We have learned each other hot buttons by talking about what we want and how we want it. That was hard for me in the beginning. It was always easy for her. I learned I could tell her anything or ask for anything just by following her example.
Second, we normally do a debrief afterward. We say what we liked, and what we want more or less of. [Debrief – Is that a pun?]
We also got comfortable with expressing a change of course mid-session. For instance, asking for a different toy or more licks (or less) for instance.
Backing up to “you have to take it”. It evolved that one of us would sometimes tell the other after the spanking was seemingly over “I want to give you another 10 licks. They are going to be hard. Will you take them for me”. She would say “Do I have to”? I would say yes and she would bend over, push her bottom out, and steel herself for the paddle. That’s submission. She would do me the same way. She would give me a hot bottom and then ask me to take more licks for her. Do it for her. They were always as hard as she could swing. That’s as submissive as I ever got.
She prefers to know she is going to be paddled a day in advance so she has the time to work herself into a submissive mood. She usually sentences herself, telling me that she needs a paddling tomorrow. I tease her the rest of the day that I am going to paddle her in the morning. I think that’s communication.
So yeah, we talk about it before, during and after. You think you guys can do that?
 Also, have you or Bacall ever felt like you need a good paddling to center your emotions, and if yes, Have you found it to be successful.
No, never that. It was helpful to us in our 40’s when we both worked long hours. No time during the week for sex or play. We would force ourselves to spank on Saturday mornings to relieve our tension.

History Buffs

Dwight Eisenhower talks about D-Day with Walter Cronkite 20 years after. The only time a President ever talked at length about anything that he was not trying to sell you.

The other day, A reader’s comment on a gals bottom that had been the recipient of a big paddle got me thinking about two gals I paddled for years.

They were both petite. They were both a size 2. Both had cute butts. Both loved hard paddlings. I think they could have been paddled all day and not be satiated. They never asked me for mercy. Bacall could have them both begging in short order. Bacall can lay it on, but I think it was more that they would never give in to a man, but they lost nothing yielding to a woman.

Sharon   (*)                                          Debbie

I recall paying Paddle Party with Debbie. I got out all of our paddles and put them on the credenza. I asked her to pick her poison. Without hesitation, she selected the biggest one. It’s the third from the left. Interestingly, it was a gift from Sharon. While it was long and thick, it was not mean. It had way more thud than sting. I suppose in her mind taking the biggest paddle was like conquering a mountain.


Sharon                                                             Debbie


Sharon                                                                          Debbie

Early on, I was walking with Sharon to her cabin to cane her. She took the cane and showed off her baton twirling skills. Right there I knew a cane was not going to intimidate her.

Bacall put Sharon over the spanking bench and in short order Sharon determined her long term health would benefit by quitting smoking. She never smoked again.


  • footnote, that’s not me. It’s fellow with a Q clearance. If you know what that is, it means he had a lot to lose if outed. It makes me giggle when folks tell me that they have to be carful for fear of losing their jobs. Our spanking group was safe for the women and secure for all.

I don’t know what you think about the scrumptious posterior on the masthead.  It makes me think about an attractive gal I saw with her hands on her hips, probably tapping her foot, not patiently, and certainly not submissively, waiting for someone to attend to her. I am all about attending and this one looked like a challenge. My friend and I were finishing up a sale at the cash drawer. I pointed her out to him and headed over. That’s when I found she had a bubble butt that I wanted to grab and squeeze. She instantly had my interest in demeanor and appearance.

She had come to the store on a big sale day. When this store had a sale it was an event. The floor was packed with customers. She wanted to buy a suit for her younger brother and I wanted to spank her. I purposely mismarked the collar so they would have to make an extra trip. The tailor ticket had her phone number on it. And that my friends is how we met.

I called her, we dated, she was rockily engaged to a Navy Lieutenant and his ship was in the Med. Her bottom proved glorious and looked just like the one at the top of the page. We were taken with each other. The deal was sealed one rainy humid afternoon in Tidwell Hall. We caught each others eyes across the sea of fellow students and were engaged shortly after that.

A few years later